Renee Holiday’s eclectic tastes and spiritual journeys have resulted in edgy yet smooth projects over the course of her career. With releases like 2014’s Molting -- an ethereal EP carried by melodies -- and her 2016 debut C.O.A.L.S (both under the artist name "Shaprece"), she effortlessly managed to showcase her range as a powerhouse vocalist on diverse soundscapes. Early in her tenure, she built buzz as a featured guest on an array of songs across genres which in turn gave her a seasoned approach when she stepped into the music scene as a solo artist.


"From her intricate soundscapes to her eclectic melodies, Renee Holiday knows how to take her audience on a musical journey that they wouldn’t want to leave. And with such memorable and relatable songs such as “Ain’t Got No Love” it’s easy to understand why."


“fresh approach to genre-blending” - KEXP


"commands a stage...effortless voice" - Seattle Mag “Soulful” - Rated R&B


“smooth, comforting, confident” - FEMMUSIC