Renee Holiday will whisper exquisite musical beauty in your ear until you ascend into bliss. Her forthcoming EP entitled “Phone Home” is a hypnotic and lyrically rich collection of carefully crafted alternative-pop songs, reflecting the intense focus she has put into this project over the last two years. “I have stopped asking for permission to be the artist that I have always visualized. I’ve taken charge and now I am the CEO of my own life as well as my art.", proclaims Renee as she sips a cocktail from her balcony overlooking the LA skyline.

While the world continues to spin in uncertainty, Renee Holiday is engaged in a love affair with her music like never before. Her sweet creative process serves as a healthy distraction from the chaos and has allowed her to dig deep into her own self truths, loves, losses, and victories; to the point where her cup is brimming with creativity and self-produced music.

Taste maker non-com Seattle station, KEXP FM, describes Holiday’s music as a “fresh approach to genre blending.” Elite PR firm Shorefire Media affirmed the Renee Holiday experience writing, “With new music in the works for the new year and impressive performances under her belt ranging from small club shows to a classically attuned performance alongside the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Renee Holiday is proving that gestation and careful thought process about how one expresses themselves musically makes for a sound that is more than worth the wait.”

Phone Home takes Renee Holiday full circle from her musical route starting at three years old singing in the family living room, to playing for thousands of people in festivals across America. Says Renee, “I am so certain that this body of work represents my arrival. The journey was painful at times but, living it helped me finally become brave enough to trust myself as a writer and a producer. I cannot wait to play these songs live for everyone!”

Highlights of Phone Home include the single “My” that showcases Renee’s signature smoky soulful vocal while the infectious grooves won’t let your body stop moving until the last drop of the song. "My" is an honest recollection of a devastating break up with lyrics like “Way down the road on a one-way toll where’d you go? Why won’t you phone home?”

That same smoky sultry vocal deliciousness shines on the affirming and emotional “Break Bread”, offering Renee’s profound melodic and almost rap delivery where she implores us to “take half and feed the rest”. You can really hear the true power and range of Renee Holiday’s voice and skillful performance on this one- it’s just exquisite!

On this project Renee Holiday gives us her truth and in the process takes us to a place we SO desire to go as we strip away fear, embrace desire, and all that is Ms. Holiday’s soulful affirmation that we can “get back to ourselves and be better for it”.